Why are we called Sustainable Ethereal Outfitters?

We are firm believers in sustainability, ethical, eco-conscious, fair trade fashion. Our story started in 2023. Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish.

Contemporary, versatile & playful designs, exclusive prints inspired by living archives create stylish, innovative yet affordable fashion while respecting people and the planet.

What is our mission?

To protect the environment and use natural resources by reducing manufacturing waste suitably throughout our trading and to promote environmentally responsible initiatives to create new models to promote sustainability.

To supply customers with good quality products, with friendly and efficient service and build awareness to empower customers and producers to participate in fair trade and environmentally sustainable solutions.

To preserve fashion ethics and provide a supportive environment to all stakeholders and promote dialogue and understanding between them.

How are we ethically sustainable?

After seeing thousands of products in fashion brands being produced just for one style which would be sold at a price or would go to landfill after not selling. We wanted to bring back the spark in fashion. We started a journey to create a timeless brand where each piece was truly special that you could wear year after year. We create timeless silhouettes that never go out of style and are not led by trends.

Every item is designed and made-to-order by various designers across India and Pakistan. Made-to-order means the garment is not made until purchased, this is to reduce waste by not over consuming.

Why choose Ethereal Outfitters?

A lot goes into each item - Our designers source the best fabrics they can find, as well as designing the cut and fit of each item. This allows us to make only what is required and reduce wastage. Our product is to be a considered purchase to be worn year after year. Our products are exclusively made with unique styles and handmade fabric prints out of a desire to support artisan livelihoods to preserve India’s and Pakistan's craft heritage and sell amazing products - all while following ethical business principles.

This combination of designing classic styles and putting them into production only after an order has been placed allows us to design only what is needed.

Keep supporting us in our quest to create more sustainable and ethical fashion! We are committed to becoming more impactful every day.

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