About Us

About Us

I'm Karishma Vadsariya, founder and CEO, obsessed with clothing, found it almost impossible to get my desired eastern outfits for several important occasions of my life, I decided to launch Ethereal Outfitters. A platform that aims to be the answer of long-hours of rants and dissatisfaction of several South Asians residing in the USA, who are struggling just like I did to find the eastern outfits that would bring the same excitement and contentment that we have left behind when we moved out of our country.

Ethereal Outfitters is a multi-designer website based in the USA, started in 2023, with the aim to have multiple choices for designer outfits from across India & Pakistan. So you don’t have to worry about shopping anymore and get the choice of desi outfits delivered at the comfort of your home.

Ethereal Outfitters doesn't exist just to sell beautiful clothing but also to preserve fashion, while being conscious of the environment and ethical towards all the people who work with us. Our store is on a mission to shake up the fashion industry and make it more equitable and sustainable. 

Ethereal Outfitters is striving to be Sustainable in every step of the way.

Ethereal outfitters was founded to be different to show that it’s possible to be stylish while being environmentally thoughtful and in sync with the natural ecosystems we inhabit. I was inspired by the principles of slow fashion and circularity - buying only when we need, and minimizing waste in our production and distribution activities.

  • Zero waste ethos

  • Small batch collections / MTO (make to order)

  • High quality products

  • Responsible sourcing

People living in the USA find it almost impossible to get desi outfits in their local market, want to visit India or Pakistan for shopping if they come up with some events, however it's not convenient always, so here we brought Ethereal Outfitters where all your shopping stress is taken care of and all you need to do is visit www.ethereal-outfitters.com where you get everything from jewelry to desi outfits in just few clicks.



If you want to start selling your collection in the USA market, Ethereal Outfitters is the best platform to expand your business in the US market.

We take care of marketing, international shipping & selling strategies, so you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is contact us and showcase your collection, we approve so you can start selling, isn’t it that simple and easy!



We want to hear from you!

Every day, we’re pushing harder and harder to bring you the best products and experience, sustainably and ethically. And we’re always open to your suggestions! Let us know how you think we can do better.

Drop us a hello at info@ethereal-outfitters.com

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